Bigg Boss 10 5th December Episode 51Bigg Boss 10 5th December Episode 51 has some shocking news in store as Manu Punjabi will be asked to leave the house tonight. Yesterday, in episode 50 we saw the Elena Kazan getting eliminated after a week’s stay in the BB10 house and also the sudden exit of Swami Om from the show.

In tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 5th December Episode 51, the most shocking event of the entire Bigg boss season 10 will enroll and that is the sudden emergency exit of Manu Punjabi from the show. According to the latest teaser put forward by the makers of Bigg Boss 10, Manu Punjabi will be called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss today. Bigg Boss will then ask him to make an emergency exit from the show because of some unavoidable circumstances at home.

The exit of Manu Punjabi will leave the other 2 from the Triple M Trio i.e. Monalisa and Manveer devastated on hearing the news. Both of them will break into an emotional outburst as Manu Punjabi will leave the show tonight. Tonight’s episode is going to be a ride of emotions seeing Monalisa and Manveer breaking down on the sudden news of Manu leaving the house.


As per sources, this emergency exit of Manu Punjabi is on account of the death of Manu’s mother and hence, he was asked to leave the show to attend the last rites and rituals.

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 5th December, another fight will break inside the house when Monalisa Antara will accuse Priyanka Jagga and say that she has been successful in breaking the friendship of the Manu-Monalisa-Manveer trio. This will infuriate Priyanka Jagga and she will go on to tag the friendship of Manu and Monalisa as fake. She even calls Monalisa an intruder in the friend’s group of commoners.

Nominations task will also take place inside the BB10 house today where everyone will be seen targeting Priyanka Jagga and voting her for the most boring wild card contestant. This will enrage Priyanka to an extent that she will start lashing out at the housemates especially Bani J.

And guess, who’s back in the house again with a even bigger fan following? ‘Swami Om’


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