In tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 4th December Episode, Jason, and Monalisa will bring out their ‘Befikre’ side as a part of the exciting task given by the leads of ‘Befikre’ movie, Ranveer and Vani. In yesterday’s Episode 49, we witnessed Bani J being safe from eliminations, Gaurav being questioned for his conduct in the house, Manu-Monalisa relationship being questioned by their better halves and all the other drama revolving the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss 10 4th December Episode 50

In tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 4th December Episode, Monalisa Antara, and Jason Shah will be raising up the temperature inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. As per a task given by the ‘Befikre’ Jodi, Ranveer and Vani, Monalisa and Jason have to scorch it up with their sizzling moves. And tonight Jason will unleash his hot dance moves and Monalisa will be seen unleashing her carefree side with her own smoking moves. Jason also tries to blend it but is seemingly surprised as well on seeing Monalisa’s sizzling moves. The housemates also join in the fun and enjoy the steaming hot performance.

As per a latest Bigg Boss teaser, Swami Om will be shown the emergency exit from the house on account of some reasons that have not been disclosed. Monalisa will be seen jumping with joy while it shocks the other housemates. It will be interesting to see if he makes a comeback once again or not. But the fights inside the BB house are surely going to be at a halt for some time.

On the whole, the entire episode is going to be a fun ride with Ranveer and Vani who will also be seen presenting some masala performances on the stage and playing some other exciting games with the host, Salman Khan.

It will also be seen today in the Bigg Boss 10 4th December episode that who among Jason Shah, Eleana Kazan and Rahul dev will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss today.


  1. Salman Khan not looking happy with Ranveer Singh’s success so Salman was giving fake smile to Ran veer Singh and Vani Kapoor on 4th Dec episode


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