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Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017: Tonight’s nominations are super Interesting!

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 2nd January Episode, the nomination inside the house after Gaurav Chopra’s elimination will be super interesting. Yesterday in Bigg Boss 10 1st January episode, Salman Khan was seen asking Swami Om to behave properly and asks him what his strategy was when he put down his pants during the ‘Toofan task’. When he reveals that he wanted to pee on Rohan so that he rushes to the bathroom to take a bath, Salman gets disgusted and said that Swami Om upsets him completely.

Bigg Boss 10 2nd January

Today is Monday and it’s time for this week’s round of nominations in the Bigg Boss 10 2nd January episode. As per an announcement by Bigg Boss, the housemates are asked to pair up and show up in the confession room together.

The power will lie in the hands of the paired housemates as they have to decide amongst each other to nominate one and save the other. Some of the pairs will be Bani J-Swami Om, Monalisa-Manu, Lopa-Nitibha and this will shock all of them. Now it will be interesting to see who nominate themselves and who saves themselves.

Today in Bigg Boss 10 2nd January episode, friends will turn foe when Rohan Mehra and Lopamudra Raut will engage in an argument. Now it’s evidently clear that not all friendships last forever and specially those formed inside the BB house.

Apparently Lopa was offended by what Rohan Mehra said and she will be seen saying that she’s hurt and hence, he should be more careful. She even went on to say that she will never stand by Rohan Mehra in the entire season now. Things turn ugly when Rohan remarks that he doesn’t feel Lopa deserves good friends as this will enrage Lopamudra. She will throw the clothes basket in Rohan’s hand and also throw Rohan’s suitcase in a violent manner.

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