In tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 25th December episode, we will witness the Christmas celebrations inside the Bigg Boss house. The atmosphere inside the BB house this week has been pretty overwhelming with family members visiting the house and encouraging the housemates to give their best shot. Yesterday in 24th December episode, things went emotional when Bani J finally got to meet her best friend, Gauahar Khan. Manu and Swami Om nominated themselves as per the conditions and let the two best friends meet. Bani kept hugging Gauahar the entire 10 minutes while Gauahar thanked Manu and Swami Om for letting them meet. She encouraged Bani to do well and never give up.

Bigg Boss 10 25th December

Yesterday, we also witnessed the elimination of Priyanka Jagga by Salman Khan himself who was apparently very disappointed with her behaviour. While Priyanka packed her bags and moved out everyone else was applauding Salman’s gutsy action.

Bigg Boss 10 25th December 2016: Sonakshi, Manish Paul celebrates Christmas

Tonight in the Bigg Boss 10 25th December episode, Sonakshi Sinha will enter the Bigg Boss house to have some Christmas fun. Sonakshi Sinha will play the ‘Spin the Bottle’ task with a twist.

Sonakshi in Tonight's Bigg Boss Episode
Sonakshi in Tonight’s Bigg Boss Episode

If the bottle points to them, they will have to listen a ‘pointy’ statement about them made by a housemate. Things will go haywire when Monalisa and Nitibha will hear the statements about them. They’ll be surprised to hear the statements.

Next Maniesh Paul will enter the house in a pretty surprising way. Everyone will dance and will have a lot of fun. Maniesh and Sonakshi will be seen playing a fun task where they will divide the housemates in pairs. One of them will be blindfolded and he has the feed a pastry to his/her partner this way. Swami Om and Maniesh Paul will be paired together and Swami Om will chase Maniesh to feed the pastry. Entertaining? Hell yeah!

Manish Paul and Swami om - Bigg Boss 25th december

Another Christmas gift by Salman Khan will be that there will be no elimination this week which mean Monalisa, Bani and Gaurav will be safe from this week’s eliminations but will be nominated for the next week. Also, the nominations of Manu Punjabi and Swami Om during the ‘Family App’ task will be canceled as a Christmas gift.


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