In Bigg Boss 10 24th December episode we will see if Bani meet her dear friend, Gauahar Khan or not. Yesterday in 23rd December episode, the family app task brought together Manveer and his dad after 8 long years. Manveer cried with joy on seeing his father and fell at his father’s feet as soon as he entered the BB house. This moved the entire house to tears and overwhelmed with emotions inexplicable in words.bigg boss 10 24th December 2016


His father warned him that Manu Punjabi’s behaviour has been changed since the last few days and hence, he should be careful. When Manveer’s father left the house, Manu broke down into tears missing his recently deceased mother. Next Nitibha was given a chance to meet her mother for 2 minutes.

The episode ended with the twist in the Family task where Manu and Swami Om have to nominate themselves to recharge the battery for Bani and Lopa to meet their families. In yesterday’s episode Manu and Swami Om both refuse to nominate themselves and Bani J breaks down on hearing this.

Today in Bigg Boss 10 24th December episode, Manu and Swami Om will change their mind and nominate themselves for the next week eliminations. This how Bani J will finally get to meet her best friend, Gauahar Khan.

Next Lopamudra will use the left battery and meet her sister, Bhagyashree. Having her sister in her arms she will start crying like a baby. After calming her down, her sister will convey her father’s message that states that Lopa should talk to Swami Om respectable manner because he is older than her and also asked her to avoid any verbal clashes with him by simply ignoring him.

Bigg Boss 10 24th december - Lopa and her sister

As per the latest teasers, something massive will happen during the Weekend Ka Vaar today when Salman Khan will evict Priyanka Jagga out of the house himself when she will engage in an argument with him. He will also be seen stating that if Priyanka ever comes on the channel, he will never ever work with Colors again.

Today in Bigg Boss 10 24th December episode, one out of three contestants namely Gaurav, Bani and Monalisa will also get evicted from the show.


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