Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 22nd January episode, the Raees star will once again mark a presence on the sets of Bigg Boss and a lot will go down in the episode tonight. Yesterday in 21st January episode, Salman Khan first questioned the housemates on their performance in the last 5 days. Then the judges of ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ season 9, Farah Khan, Karan Johar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ganesh Hegde were seen on the sets of Bigg Boss. They had fun imitating the housemates. On one hand, where Farah and Karan made it very clear that Bani J is their favourite contestant, there on the other hand, Ganesh Hegde expressed that Manveer Gurjar deserves to win the Season 10.Bigg Boss 10 22nd January 2017

In the episode yesterday, Farah Khan awarded the housemates with some exciting award titles. Manveer Gurjar won the ‘Bhai the way title’, Bani won the ‘Ms. Over reaction title’, Monalisa won the ‘Ms OMG title’ and Lopa was given the ‘Ms Nyaya Devi title’. Monalisa was then evicted from the Bigg boss and the housemates bid a happy farewell.
Then Shah Rukh Khan arrived on the Bigg boss set with Salman Khan and they had a really fun conversation. Salman Khan was all praises for Shah Rukh Khan and his upcoming movie ‘Raees’. The housemates were then divided into two teams, Team Karan and Arjun. Team Karan had Bani and Manu and Team Arjun had Lopa and Manveer. They were asked to perform and the audience was asked to vote LIVE. Team Arjun won as they received 80% votes while Team Karan received 66% votes.

Tonight in the Bigg Boss 10 22nd January episode, Shah Rukh Khan will be back again with a lot of secret tasks for the housemates. It will be a star studded and an entertaining episode as Sunny Leone, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will come together on the stage.

A lot more will go down in tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 22nd January episode as the madness will take over when the Sultan Star will shake a leg with the Raees star on their biggest hits. Shah Rukh Khan will also have a secret task for the finalist, Manveer Gurjar where he will have to hide Bani’s trays of eggs in front of her. Will he be able to do the same? Let us know in the comments.


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