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Bigg Boss 10 21st January 2017 Episode: Shah Rukh and Salman’s Bromance

Bigg Boss 10 21st January 2017 : Shah Rukh and Salman Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 21st January episode, Shah Rukh will be seen along with Salman Khan and as anticipated it will be twice the fun and entertainment when the Sultan star will meet the Raees star. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen on the show tonight for promoting his upcoming release ‘Raees’ releasing on 26th January 2016. In the Bigg Boss 10 21st January episode that will be aired tonight, Salman Khan will be seen as chulbul pandey and Shah Rukh Khan will be seen as an innocent thief during a fun interrogation segment of a cop and thief. Shah Rukh Khan will have to face the wrath (read giggle wrath) of Dabangg Salman Khan for stealing 120 grams of cauliflower. This conversation and the segment will be nothing short of entertainment as it will make you giggle.

Bigg Boss 10 21st January: Shah Rukh and Salman

Salman alongside Shah Rukh in Bigg Boss 10 21st January

In Bigg Boss 10 21st January, Shah Rukh Khan will also be seen giving Manveer Gurjar a secret task. He will ask Manveer Gurjar to keep two eggs trays of Bani in the store room in front of Bani J. Manveer will not be able to recognize Shah Rukh Khan’s voice on the phone and hence, when SRK will himself reveal his identity, Manveer will be seen awestruck. Shah Rukh Khan will be sitting in a room and watching Manveer do this secret task. Bani J will get angry at Manveer and SRK will join in the fun by saying ‘Now Bani will eat Manveer’.

Tonight Salman Khan will begin the show by saying ‘Aapke Karan Arjun Aa Gye Hain’ and from there we will witness an episode full of laughter and drama. Along with SRK, Sunny Leone who has appeared in an item song in ‘Raees’ will also be seen on the sets of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 10 21st January: Salman, shah rukh and Sunny Leone

Also, one of the contestants from Rohan and Monalisa will be evicted from the show tonight and going by the initial reports, Monalisa will be the one leaving the Bigg Boss 10 house tonight.

What do you think Salman will have in store to grill the housemates keeping in view the entire last week’s happenings in the house? Let us know in the comments below.

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