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Bigg Boss 10 21st December Full Episode Written Update : Two Villains in the House!

The Bigg Boss 10 21st December episode began with the song ‘Kabootar Jaa Jaa’. The housemates were then seen discussing Swami Om’s behaviour in the episode yesterday. Then an argument between Swami, Gaurav and Bani initiated when Swami Om prepared and ate 6 eggs. Bani asked Lopa to give him a punishment for eating more than the usual distribution but she refused saying that she could only warn him. Then a whole another fight ensued between Lopa and Swami when he passed some derogatory comments on Lopa.Bigg Boss 10 21st December: The Two Villains

Bigg Boss 10 21st December Full Episode Written Update

Next a scroll from Bigg Boss 10 came that stated that they had to start afresh the luxury budget task but as a punishment no captaincy contenders were to be selected through this task. Amidst Priyanka’s derogatory remarks on Monalisa-Manu, Priyanka giving up, the cute letters written by the boys in the house and Priyanka’s clash with Manu Punjabi, the task began once again. The things again went haywire when Swami Om started a fight by passing a derogatory comment about Manu Punjabi’s fiancée. Manu Punjabi went completely mad at Swami Om and all the housemates intervened to stop Manu from hitting Swami Om.

Lopa was seen taking Monalisa’s side, Manu was seen breaking into tears, Manveer expressed his grief and all this for the futile remarks by Monalisa’s boyfriend about her and Priyanka Jagga’s constant bitching spree. While everyone was fighting the two villains in the house, Bani J and Gaurav Chopra kept writing and exchanging the letters. This made the housemates furious. In the next series, the task was once again canceled and the luxury budget was reduced to zero.

In Bigg Boss 10 21st December episode, Bigg Boss asked Swami Om to repair the door that he had broke in yesterday’s luxury budget task. The supplies were provided by Bigg Boss himself. While it became a laughter stock for the housemates, but Swami Om felt that it was an injustice.

Further, a date was organized for both Bani J and Gaurav Chopra by Bigg Boss in the activity area. Gaurav Chopra expressed his affection for Bani saying that his previous 10 weeks in the Bigg Boss house would have been incomplete without her. Both of them danced to the song ‘Hasi Ban Gaye’.

Bani and gaurav on a date

After this, housemates had a discussion when Priyanka Jagga passed a personal remark on Manu’s and her recently deceased mother. She was then called to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Priyanka Jagga breaks down in the confession room stating that no one understands her in the house. Later Manu was seen breaking to tears and sobbing badly because of all the personal remarks.

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