The Bigg Boss 10 20th December Episode began with the song ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana’. Then the scroll for the initiation of luxury budget task and it was quite interesting as the house was divided into girls hostel and boys hostel with 4 couples that were Manveer-Nitibha, Rohan-Lopa, Gaurav-Bani and Manu-Monalisa. Swami Om was appointed the warden of boy’s hostel and Priyanka Jagga as the warden of girl’s hostel.Bigg Boss 10 20th December episode


The boys had to write cute letters for their girlfriends and the wardens had to make sure the letters are not exchanged. If Priyanka and Swami Om managed to stop them from exchanging 20 letters, they were to be the next contenders for captaincy and if any of the couple would have managed to store 20 letters in their lockers, they were to become the next captaincy contenders.

The boys had to write cute letters for their girlfriends

All three couples started strategizing thereafter. Swami Om while trying to bring Rohan out of the bathroom banged the bathroom door to an extent that it tore off. Bigg Boss immediately intervened and said he cannot harm the property. When he still didn’t back off and stood outside the bathroom door with a metal object asking Rohan to come out, Bigg Boss asked everyone to gather in the living room. Boss grilled Swami Om to a great extent and asked Gaurav to read the rules once again.


In Bigg Boss 10 20th December episode, Priyanka Jagga became the devil warden and got into a verbal spat with almost everyone. While she spilt mud at Monalisa constantly, Manu intervened and asked Priyanka Jagga to keep her mouth shut.

Priyanka Jagga became the devil warden and got into a verbal spat and spilt mud at Monalisa constantly

When Swami Om blocked Lopa’s way, some wardrobe malfunction happened and then Swami Om gave up for the time being. Priyanka Jagga broke into Nitibha’s locker and tears off all the love letters. When Nitibha wanted to quit, Manveer convinces her cutely to continue the momentum.


Everyone was seen putting an effort to make the task a success except Priyanka and Swami Om who again physically attacked both Rohan and Lopa. The task was then and there stopped and Swami Om was called inside the confession room and was sternly warned one last time.Manveer convinces nitibha cutely to continue the momentum


Later in Bigg Boss 10 20th December episode, Manu was seen talking with Manveer that if Monalisa gets evicted that’ll be good for him as one of his weakness will be out of the Bigg Boss house. The episode ended with Swami Om sleeping in front of the lockers even when the task has been stopped by Bigg Boss.


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