Tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 19th December Episode started with Monalisa receiving some outfits from her boyfriend, Vikram. Monalisa didn’t seem happy with the same. Manu Punjabi and Monalisa came to a conclusion that Vikram is not happy with Monalisa’s conduct in the house. Next, Gaurav asked Bani if she feels he is keeping a convenience friendship with her. The conversation turned worse and they ended it on a bad note. Next Monalisa was seeing crying in front of the camera and asking Bigg Boss to put her out of the house.Bigg Boss 10 19th December Episode Written Update

Further in Bigg Boss 10 19th December episode, Manu Punjabi, Rohan and Lopa was seeing discussing Nitibha and Manveer’s new friendship. They said Nitibha is using Manveer and also separating him from the other housemates. Next, Priyanka Jagga was seen instructing Swami Om to stay away from Manu and Manveer. Basically, Priyanka is using Swami Om as a puppet.

A new day began with the song ‘Jahan Teri ye Nazar Hai’ and then comes the trending task in which three contestants were chosen to watch their trending clips in the UC Browser booth. These contestants were Rohan, Mona and Manveer. Rohan saw the clip when Heena Khan came on the show and advised him. Then Manveer came and he saw the clip where Bani J said that Mona was clinging towards Manveer during midnight while Manu was out in the garden. Gaurav was involved in the conversation too. Manveer who washighly disappointed went inside the room and confronted Bani. This turned out into a big verbal fight between Manveer, Bani and Gaurav. Manu also intervened and allegedly said that when Bani cuddled with Jason Shah but no one said a thing. The same thing was said by Nitibha, Monalisa and others.


Gaurav chopra is furious

Further Monalisa was shown a video where Vikram and Piyu was seen talking about Manu and Monalisa’s relationship. Monalisa seemed devastated after the same. Swami Om and Manu engaged into a verbal fight thereafter and asked Bigg Boss to invite him inside the confession room. Priyanka and Manu also get into a fight with each other.

monalisa crying - Bigg boss 19th dec episode


The next big blast was the nominations. Lopa and Swami Om were safe from nominations today. Lopa was given a special privilege to nominate one contestant and she nominated Bani. In the end, Bani J, Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa were nominated.

Further, Bani and Gaurav apologized to Manveer and Monalisa for being irresponsible and careless about what they said.


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