Bigg Boss 10 13th December Episode 58 will roll the luxury budget task of the week with some interesting twists. Yesterday, we saw the comeback of Manu Punjabi but not in the BB house. He is staying with Priyanka Jagga in the secret room. In episode 56, we also saw the nominations task being held with some clashes here and there. 5 contestants that have been nominated for this week’s eliminations are Bani J, Rahul, Lopamudra, Manveer and Nitibha Kaul.Bigg Boss 10 13th December Episode 58

Today in Bigg Boss 10 13th December Eisode 58, the luxury budget task titled ‘BB Democracy task’ will be held but the housemates do not know about the interesting twist it’s bringing along. According to the task, every Bigg Boss contestant will be given some options regarding the housemates to choose from and whichever option gets the majority of votes will have to be undertaken by the respective contestant. But the twist of the task is that no majority will be counted, the decision will be announced according to the option chosen by Manu and Priyanka.

As an answer to Bigg Boss’s one of the option, Manu and Priyanka will put a ban on Bani’s gyming. And this will turn Bani J furious thinking that it’s the decision of the housemates.

Now according to an option chosen by Manu and Priyanka, they’ll be sending Monalisa and Gaurav to spend an hour in Jacuzzi everyday.

Monalisa will present a sensuous performance with Gaurav and this will upset Manu Punjabi seeing Monalisa getting so close to Gaurav and also seeing her growing fondness for Gaurav.

Another option by Bigg Boss will also take an interesting turn when Bigg boss will ask to choose one from Om Swami or Rahul dev to cook all the food till the end of the task.

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 13th December Episode 58, another two good friends will also be seen getting into an argument and that is the Jodi of Lopa and Rohan. Since the last few days, this friendship has come off really well and it was evident in their conduct as well that they are the good friends who will stand up for each other. But today, Rohan will be seen mocking Lopa about something and this will make Lopa loose her cool and hence, they’ll end up arguing.


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