Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 10th January Episode, the housemates will play the ‘Solar System Task’ and whosoever wins will be given the Ticket to Finale.

Bigg Boss 10 10th January

Yesterday in  9th January episode, the roller coaster ride of ‘Ticket to Finale’ began. The housemates were given an opportunity to rank themselves keeping in view their 12 weeks in the Bigg Boss house. After a lot of heated discussion, Lopa ranked herself number 1, Bani on number 2, Nitibha on number 3, Manu on number 4, Manveer on number 5 and Monalisa on number 6. After this, the housemates united against Lopa after she ranks herself number 1 without their consent. They discussed how Lopa is short tempered and overconfident.

lopa ranked 1 in task

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 10th January episode, the race to finale will continue with another exciting task. Through this task, two contestants will be selected and given two tickets to the finale of the show.

According to the ‘Solar System’ task rules that will be played tonight on the Bigg Boss 10 10th January episode, the housemates will become astronauts. The ticket will be places at the sun which is the centre of the orbit of the solar system. The housemates who are dressed up as astronauts will have to move around the orbit holding their bowl of water. If the water in their bowl spills and touches the yellow mark in it will be out of the game and also the one who comes out of the orbit will be out of the task. This is how the other housemates will be progressed to the next level of orbit.

bigg boss housemates in Solar System Task

The two contestants that will reach the last level of orbit will be given the ticket to finale. Rohan who is nominated for the entire season will not be participating but will administer the task as per the rules of Bigg Boss.

Manu-lopa in bigg boss 'Solar System' Task

It will be interesting to see who two gets this opportunity however, as per the buzz the last two contestants are most probably going to be Manu and Monalisa. But we are still excited to see who wins the ‘Ticket to Finale’.


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