When Bollywood goes wrong, something like Raaz Reboot is the outcome result. Vikram Bhatt’s production Raaz Reboot, starer Emran Hashmi, and Kriti Kharbanda
Instead of nailed the movie at box office failed.

Raaz Reboot shut all the expectations, this is the fourth part of Raaz series, so people were expecting something mysterious and thrilling in the same, but this one is just a waste of time and money, nothing else. The movie was  defined with a modified version of the previous films but off the estimated predictions.

Raaz series at climax
Official Poster: Raaz Reboot

The narration, directions, and characterization all supposed to make Raaz Reboot a horror movie, but we are sorry, the movie fails, the IMDB rating and star ranking is almost nil.

The plot is about a couple who are just back from Romina after few years of marriage, basically were in live-in-relationship over there. So when the wife was unpacking all the stuff she felt some mysterious and paranormal activities, when she told her husband , he denies to believe her. Later after few days, she calls her husband  for help, who was out for the business trip. The thrilling plot is related with the shadowy past of the wife, which as about her ex-husband.

Razz Reboot
Raaz Reboot: “The Mangalsutra Mantra”

Raaz Reboot is inspired with mash-up of many Hollywood scary movies like, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity many other Bhatt’s previous thrilling stories with blood draining scenes, mysterious voices in background, an ancient mantra, even with total masala dialogues about “mangal sutra”  and its power, which is cheesy these days seems like superstitious believes are alive gives a hilarious and groundless plot.

Razz Reboot, Kissing
Romance in Thriller: Raaz Reboot

If we talk about the musical part of Raaz Reboot then, it’s quite romantic as all Emran’s songs are mostly are inherited with flawless harmony. Individually if we rate the music apart from the narrative perspective then the movie did well with the smash hit voices of many versatile singers.

Raaz Reboot romantic song
Romantic Song : Raaz Aankhein Teri

Overall Raaz Reboot is overstretched filmy drama, that fails to hold audience’s interest, but anyway, if you still want to look the story, go for it, just as scoop full of fun, it won’t be fair enough to say or  to buy a ticket as thinking it’s a scary movie.

Raaz Reboot will definitely boost up your metabolism as health research claims that watching a scary movie or laugh loud will boost the metabolism and IQ. So the movie is providing you both the features.


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