Entry for Southern films in Hindi Cinema Tamanna Bhatia expressed herself by saying that she is a huge fan of Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut. Tamanna even said Kangana Ranaut is ideal inspiration for many females, as because she is bold and moves in right direction.

Southern Beauty
Tamanna Bhatia: Photoshoot

“I am a huge fan of Kangana Ranaut, not only for her acting. Everybody knows she is a proficient actor. As a woman, she has worked on herself and turned out to be an inspiration for a lot of women. Even in terms of fashion, the way she carries herself is amazing,” said Tamanna.

Tamanna Bhatia
Kangana Ranaut an inspiration to many, says Tamanna Bhatia

At the revealing of the title track of the recent movie at silver screen Tutak Tutak Tutiya, Kangana Ranaut, in fact, said that she is the big fan of Tamanna Bhatia.

So recent reaction to her comment Tamanna Bhatia said, “She is strong and outspoken. I always watch her interviews as I love to listen to her point of view. I think it was a very sweet gesture… what she said about me.”

Kangana Ranaut an inspiration to many, says Tamanna Bhatia

 Tamanna Bhatia
Tamanna Bhatia at movie promotion.

She said: “I found the role very interesting as my character has two opposite images. One is a village girl and another is a glamorous one. The crucial thing for me was to crack the look. I was given references of (actress) Revathi ma’am’s old films.”

“The process of shooting was pretty crazy. It is made in three languages, so we had to take the shots three times in different languages. Even in the dance sequences, the lip-sync was changed thrice. In that way, the film was really challenging,” she added.

Talking about the film’s cast, she said: “The casting is quite unusual. Me, Sonu (Sood) and Prabhudheva in lead roles…”

 Tamanna Bhatia
Unseen Photoshoot: Tamanna Bhatia

Asked about superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s voiceover in the film, the actress said it is because of Sonu’s goodwill that his friends agreed to do guest appearances. “We are thankful to Farah Khan, Amy Jackson, Esha Gupta and Shah Rukh Khan for being part of the film and making it special for us,” she said.

Directed by Vijay, Tutak Tutak Tutiya is Sonu’s home production. The film is slated to release in three languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on October 7.


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