Filmmaker Jayaraj

In his National award-winning film Ottal, a real-life fisherman was portrayed for the role of “hero” and this is what he would stick to, states filmmaker Jayaraj, who prefers opting for people who suit the character. This clarifies that Jayraj is not a fan of spending a prodigious amount on big stars.

Veeram, his next endeavor as a director, 56-year-old filmmaker is presenting Kunal Kapoor playing the lead role of Kalaripayattu warrior. According to Jayraj, actor’s role was relevant for the role and he went through a series of auditions to conclude this.

“I am not in the industry to work with stars and I don’t want to pay money for stardom. In my opinion, casting is meant to be done in compliance with the character. I have even casted a fisherman as the hero.

“For me, the character matters and the person, who suits the characters is my hero. In ‘Veeram’, I chose Kunal because of his physique and looks suit the character,” Jayaraj told reporters.

Already a winner of National award, six-times, the director is not completely unwilling to cast big names but feels stars at times are difficult to work with, because of the luggage that they come with.

“I am not totally against having big names in my films, given that they are ok with working on the character and give time accordingly. I have worked with Mammootty. But, I am pleased and happy in working with new faces. The only focus is my character. Stars come at times with lots of condition and it makes things tough.”

“Veeram”, is planned to be released in Hindi, English, and Malayalam this year. Shooting this film is all three languages simultaneously has made it the highest budget film for Jayraj.


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