check Wajah Tum Ho Review

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Rajneish Duggal, Sana Khan

Director: Vishal Pandya

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Krishnan Kumar

Verdict: A flop show

Story: A tech genius hacks into a TV channel owned by Rahul Oberoi (Rajneish) and starts streaming a murder on it. Rahul – the prime suspect – is interrogated by inspector Kabir (Sharman) and defended by his lawyer, Siya (Sana). Siya’s boyfriend Ranveer (Gurmeet) is hired by the government to prosecute Rahul. The plot thickens (by about an inch) when another suspect is killed off on live TV.

Wajah Tum Ho Review- Critics:

Review by Indian Express– Rating: 0.5/5 stars
Wajah Tum Ho isn’t serious about its stuff. Why, the film spends at least 10 minutes explaining how TV works and how hackers operate, down to the need to use high-speed internet. There is other heavy stuff too, such as bosoms and hairdos, dialogues and ripped off songs, adults who speak mangled English and children who speak nonsense so perfectly.

Review by Koimoi– Rating: 1.5/5 Stars
Wajah Tum Ho could be a fun watch with your friends for its terrible execution. For making a crime thriller funny, watch Vishal Pandya ‘Wajah Tum Ho’. Skip this one please. Of course, during demonetization times you may not want to spend on this cash.

Review by Filmibeat– Rating: 2/5 stars
The mystery in the plot which keeps you guessing till the end but disappointing in terms of ludicrous dialogues, tacky intimate scenes and Mediocre performances. Minus the sleaze, lacklustre performances and laughable dialogues, Wajah Tum Ho makes up for a decent one-time watch only for its thrill.

Review by Bollywood Life– Rating: 2/5 stars
Wajah Tum Ho is far far better than Hate Story 2 and 3. Though it is most definitely not the edge of your seat suspense thriller, it is not outrageously bad either. In India where we celebrate one time watch movies, Wajah Tum Ho can easily be your weekend indulgence. But if you are an ardent worshipper of logical plots, and near flawless films, stick to your sorts.

Review by Hindustan Times– Rating: 1.5/5 stars
Bollywood thrillers take a safe and predictable route – there are a few exceptions of course. You are introduced to half a dozen characters, who keep looking into the camera with twitched lips. Just when you stop caring, one of them confesses his crime. A weird theory is sufficed to back it up and then five minutes before the climax somebody else comes up with an even weirder theory. In between, a couple of ‘item’ numbers do the tricks to keep the B-grade tag afloat. This is indeed like an onion. The more you peel it, more you cry.

Wajah Tum Ho Review- Audiences:


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