One of the lead face in  female supporting roles in various Bollywood blockbusters movies, Swara Bhaskar is a polished artist with a remarkable background in theaters. After her last screen, “Nil Battey Sanata” says that actors are being judged by their looks in Bollywood.

Last Sunday evening Swara Bhaskar was live over on her official twitter account, where she serve random questionnaire session with her fans and followers over there. Where one of her fans asked her one lesson that the Hindi Film Industry has taught her till now.


Swara Bhaskar: Bollywood Judges You on Your Looks
Swara Bhaskar: Bollywood Judges You on Your Looks

She answered this question, she replied, “That you are judged on your looks. There’s no avoiding it…Taught me the meaning of and how to follow the adage ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ Ask Swara Anything.”

Although movie ahead with the same question and answer session, another follower of Swara Bhaskar asked if Bollywood’s glamor has overpowered the elements of different theater forms?

“Tanu Weds Manu” star Swara Bhaskar  shared that the two mediums should be viewed in the competition.

“But the fact is theater is really the actor’s medium. And will always remain. Cinema is director’s medium,” she further added.

Versatile Swara Bhaskar  is the 28-year-old polished artist, who is well known for her flawless acting skills than her looks in brands, she says, the pressure of looking good is an occupational hazard for celebrities. She in fact always looks astonishing when act smartly, looks appropriate with what she wears as for her character.


She even told about her early career stages in Bollywood she said, she was rejected for films because she did not look like a conventional heroine.

“I have had all kind of Bizzare Experiences initially in my career with filmmakers saying I am not a conventional heroine material. I was rejected for a role and told that I am too intelligent looking.
Talking about social media trolls, the 28-year-old actress said: “I don’t know any celebs who troll themselves. Trolling is a pathetic and cowardly act. Trolls are faceless bullies.”


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