Ranveer Singh is making headlines each day. And the count is increasing with the decrease in the days left for the release of his upcoming movie, ‘Befikre’. Ranveer has been highly disappointed with the director for making the story look like it’s only revolving around kisses even though the movie has a lot to showcase apart from this.

Ranveer Singh and Aditya Chopra

Talking about it, Ranveer Singh said, “Yes, there is a story. When Adi sir (the film’s director Aditya Chopra) showed the trailer to me before releasing it, I asked him why he is releasing a promo that has so much more to it? The promo does not give you anything about the world of the film.

As per the ‘Befikre’ actor, this incident led to an argument between him and Aditya Chopra. But Ranveer is still optimistic regarding the viewpoint of Aditya and says, “I had an argument with him regarding that, but I think he wants the audience to discover the characters of the film while watching and that is why he deliberately cut a very surface level promo. It’s a very conscious choice that he made to ‘under promise and over deliver’ to his audience.”

Talking about his equation with the filmmaker, Ranveer said, “You see the director-actor equation is more substantial and dynamic than a producer-actor. We have interacted more during the shooting of the film. So, I got to know a different side of him…whether he has a wicked sense of humour or has a bindass carefree attitude. He is a private person and as an actor, I feel fortunate to know him closely.”

These statements speak a lot about the real character of Ranveer Singh. This shows how Ranveer is fully capable of being compassionate as well as logical at the same time. He has a good insight combined with a rational mind that gives a positive flight to his far-sightedness.


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