Bollywood’s Munna Bhai, Sanjay Dutt has finally signed a movie with Girish Malik again. Earlier it was reported Sanjay Dutt has not begun any shoot for films. Now the upcoming reports are claiming that Sanjay Dutt will start working again with Rajkumar Hirani on Munna Bhai 3 but on the other side, the film director is also busy with Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. Now, it is confirmed that he has signed a film with the Jal director.

Sanjay Dutt upcoming Torbaaz
Controversial Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is back on shooting schedules

Sanjay Dutt will be back again first with action thriller plot titled “Torbaaz”, even the shooting begins in Afghanistan and in the narration of the same director Girish Malik. The movie is about afghan kids, who are trained to be as suicide bombers and Sanjay Dutt in the movie is playing the role of retired army soldier.

Bollywood at Action
Sanjay Dutt upcoming Torbazz

Talking about his next project, Girish Malik told Hindustan Times, “We keep hearing about all these killings and suicide bombers across the world. There are kids being trained to be suicide bombers in Afghanistan. Recently, when a young man blew himself up in Turkey, we got thinking. I wanted to explore what really goes behind the making of these?”

Team mates again
Sanjay Dutt with Rajkumar Hirani

“Rameez Raja (Pakistani cricketer) called me and said we should give some hope to these children who are taught that killing is a virtue. We must show them there are other positive options. And that’s how the idea for this film was born,”,Malik added.

The filmmaker further said, “Torbaaz” is the story of a man who had lost everything but returns to Kabul with a new purpose in life. He teaches cricket to the kids and children who had been wielding guns till then, experience the joy of playing a sport. The film is about suicide bombers but it not a depressing one about killings and deaths; it is a ray of hope.”

Girish Malik, at last, revealed about his team from Hollywood stars will join soon for the film but he didn’t disclose those celebrity names yet.


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