Bollywood star Richa Chadda wants to explore her acting skill in the mythological direction and carving her desire to play the role of Draupadi from epic mythological story Mahabharata.

Photoshoot: Richa Chadda

“I would love to play the role of Draupadi from Mahabharata since I feel her character was most interesting for me. I have read the Mahabharata as a kid and found it very interesting … The way it was structured,” Richa said in a statement.

The 29-year-old actress expressed her desire to yearns herself as looking forward in the heritage of Indian mythology genre after launching actor Vir Das’s sister Trisha’s debut novel titled “Ms. Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas”.

Richa Chadda, apart from bold roles now looking for mythological ones.

The book is being published in India by Harper Collins.

Talking about the book, Richa expressed herself: “I am happy to have launched Trisha’s book. It’s genuinely a fun humorous take on the modern day adaptation of the classic mythology.”

The event was hosted by Vir along with special guests like Manasi Scott, Anurag Shrivastava, Suchitra Pillai, Shruti Seth and Ashwin Mushran. Revealed by IANS.

Richa Chadda
Modeling Photoshoot, Richa Chadda

Despite this few days back in her recent interview Richa was quoted as saying, “All Bollywood films don’t depict women in good light but to counter that enough good films are also being made in Bollywood. There are many sensible people in the film industry who will not allow violence against women, children or trafficking,”.

“They don’t want her to lose face in society… In reality, the number of cases is actually double of the statistics that are given out but because of the under-reporting, we remain unaware.” Richa said.

“I was shooting for ‘Main Aur Charles’ when I met a guy in a juvenile rehabilitation center who was a teenager and was held for raping his 11-year-old neighbor. He spoke very casually about his crime. I feel that such people in juvenile centers are not reformed at all,” Richa asserted stressing her grave concern on the issue.

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Canner 2015: Richa Chadda

Even says People Are Hypocrites In The Name Of Religion, “I live in this country, I care deeply about the culture. I am not religious but I am spiritual, so I read a lot about it. For instance, the Hindu religion and the importance of Shiv and Shakti in our culture. How Durga, Sita are important, how each goddess had a role to play in evolution. And then when I see how people treat women, it is really confusing to me. Religion has become about hypocrisy.”



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