The Real Reason Wajah Tum Ho release Postponed – Vishal Pandya has delivered super hits with Hate Story 2 and 3. His upcoming erotic thriller, ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ was slated to be released with Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani 2’ on Dec 2, 2016. But today the makers have decided to shift the release date of the movie to December 16, 2016.

wajah tum ho release postponed

As per the makers, a large chunk of the potential audience of the movie is based in smaller town that are facing the crunch of availability of new currency notes. And due to this short term effect of Demonetization, the maker’s postponed the release to December 16 when there is also no other Bollywood release. Now if this decision to postpone the release is based on demonetization or potential competition at the box office that is entirely subjective.

Why Wajah Tum Ho release postponed?

When Sana Khan, the lead is questioned if Wajah Tum Ho is fearing a clash with Kahaani 2 at the box office, Sana Khan said,”I don’t think it will affect the box office collection of Wajah Tum Ho. I believe both the films have their own audience. We are bringing something new in Bollywood. It’s a sci-fi film and treatment of the film is of international standard. While it is a fast-paced thriller, songs are also very nice in it.”

The audience is surely given 15 more days to adjust to this demonetization effect but it will be interesting to see the extent to which it benefits the makers of ‘Wajah Tum Ho’.

Vishal Pandya’s upcoming thriller Wajah Tum Ho is a first of its kind thriller where a murder is seen live on a television channel due to a hacker having hacked the channel.

Talking about the idea of using hacking to show a live murder director Vishal Pandya says, ‘’I was very interested in hacking as a concept. Besides the fact that it has never been used in a thriller before, hacking is actually a very high-end skill that is actually criminal in nature. It’s not just an innocent smart act. Even in our daily lives, there’s a constant fear of our computers, phones and bank accounts getting hacked and there is a need for protection against the same. Wajah Tum Ho brings out the issue and the need to protect against hackers.’’

Wajah Tum Ho produced by T-Series will now release on Dec 16, 2016



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