Everyone is very well acquainted with the extent with which the female fans of Ranbir Kapoor adore him. There is no doubt how crazy the female fans can go for Ranbir Kapoor. Binge watching the show of his movie in theatres, sending across gifts, walls of houses covered with his posters and what not. His fans go gaga over his silver screen performances and drool over his oh-my-my-looks.

Ranbir Kapoor fans created mess during celebrations

After the success of Karan Johar directed ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, Ranbir Kapoor threw a party in his Chembur residence in Mumbai. Just when everyone was having an amazing time, the party turned out to be a big-time disaster when his fans created a scene outside the party venue trying to get a glance of him and wanting to have a picture or two with him.

Ranbir Kapoor Fans created a Mess in his Celebrations!

According to the sources, what happened was that two of Ranbir’s female fans wanted to click a picture with the Kapoor lad and that too at any cost. They jumped over the wall of the venue to get clicked with him.  And while this was happening, a large group of people gathered outside the party venue seeing the girls trying to cross over the wall which in turn created a bigger mess. It later became such a mess that Ranbir Kapoor had to take charge of it and handle the situation.

Ranbir Kapoor tried hard to convince the fans to get down but it hardly made any difference. The crazy fans insisted for a picture till he agreed to fulfil their request.

This is not the first time when stars have landed into such situations, in a recent case, a man tried to enter Amitabh Bachchan’s house by jumping off from his residence to the Bachchan residence.

Ranbir who was currently enjoying the success of his recent release Ae Dil Hai Mushkil opposite Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma witnessed a twist in his celebrations with this instance.


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