A classic piece of art in the entertainment industry is now the Pakistani dramatic movie in controversial drama, “Jago Hua Savera” “The Day Shall Dawn” a movie which was released on May 8, 1959. is a short true event movie directed by A.J. Kardar.

Jago Hua Savera
Pakistani Classic Film: Jago Hua Savera is now dropped from Special section in Jio MAMI Film Festival

If we talk about the recent ban by MNS to Pakistani artists in Bollywood and Uri’s attack this movie imprints a remarkable example but still adding it in the special classic section is now being dropped by MAMI Film Festival. The Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival found itself surrounded with the controversial protests after lining up the classic Pakistani film “Jago Hua Savera” in the list of the special section this year.

However, the official statement is already being delivered by the spokesman of MAMI Mumbai Film Festival and declared that the film will not go to be screened in the festival’s schedule. The statement read,”Given the current situation, the Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival with Star has decided not to program ‘Jago Hua Savera’ as part of the Restored Classics Section.”

Jago Hua Savera
Flashback Classic, Jago Hua Savera

Moreover, an active NGO in Mumbai filed a complaint against MAMI at Amboli Police Station on Saturday, claiming that screening a Pakistani film under the current circumstances of the nation is against the national sentiment and mood. Despite this Prithvi Maske, President of the NGO Sangharsh Foundation, said, “We will protest against the festival if they showcase this film.” Prithvi Mhaske further added the film is “likely to flare outrage among people”.

Festival director Anupama Chopra refused to comment further, saying, “We said what we had to in the press release”.

Jago Hua Savera
Mumbai Film Festival organizers drop Pakistani classic ‘Jago Hua Savera’ from line-up

Although the movie, Jago Hua Savera is masterpiece scripted movie which depicts the life at ground level and is already being honored with many awards and nominations on international levels. The film was shot in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh (East-Pakistan), The script was inspired by an original story by Bengali author Manik Bandopadhyay.


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