As per media reports, the cousin brother of the Bollywood actress, Preity Zinta has been found dead on Friday morning in his hometown, Shimla. It has been reported that Nitin Chauhan, Preity Zinta’s brother has committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol while he was in his vehicle. The most shocking thing to note here is that nobody in the vicinity heard any gun firing sound until the very next morning.

According to the reports, the family knew nothing about the suicide of Nitin till the next morning. When they couldn’t find him anywhere, they quickly informed the police and they found him dead in his car. And about how the police was able to trace him, it has been said that the police found him after they saw blood flowing outside the car.

Preity Zinta’s Brother committed suicide

It was also reported that the police found two suicides notes of 8 pages in total and that the content of the suicide note is quite shocking.

Preity Zinta’s Brother left a shocking suicide note!

The suicide note is said to be against his wife and in-laws. Nitin has blamed his wife and in-laws for provoking him and harassing him to an extent that made him commit suicide. He has accused his in-laws for filing false cases against him and not allowing him to meet his own son. As per media reports, Nitin took his own life a day before the hearing of his divorce case. Preity Zinta’s cousin brother, Nitin and his wife had been separated two years ago and had filed for divorce in the court.

According to media reports, the police is yet to find the source of a pistol and has sent the weapon for forensic examination. Also, victims phone has been sent for investigation to investigate the case thoroughly. The police have registered case of abetment to suicide against In-laws.


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