Pink is the Era, Pink is the Entertainment, these days silver screen is turning pink, as with its bucket full entertainment dosage, Shoojit Sircar’s free-spirited movie Pink is inherited with the powerful plot. The film, Pink is actually inspired from the Hollywood movie The Accused , released in 1988.

Silver Screen turning into Pink
Silver Screen turning into Pink

The polished diamond in Bollywood industry Amitabh Bachchan is collectively working with the bunch of young females in the film. Previously, Pink was already the part of viral news from its promo to the teaser, the fire was all encircling the movie before its release. What are reasons behind that views are ranking the film with good star rate, Let’s find out with quite story review?

Here in the film, Amitabh Bachchan played the role of lawyer suffering from by polar disease and the narrative plot of the film moves around three young independent girls, who encountered a trouble during an evening while clubbing. The movie triggers social morality issues and crime against women. The movie is truly bonded with “Womeniya!!” … We mean it’s women-centric.

Pink, unexpected reviews
Big B as Mr. Deepak Sehgal in Pink as lawyer.

The Bright is the Pink, the Bold is the Entertainment!

Apart from Big B as the lawyer in the movie three new faces are being introduced by Shoojit’s Sircar’s Pink in Indian Cinema over this shining silver screen. Now the quote is so true, Pink isn’t just color, but it’s an Attitude.

Kunal Guha, in Mumbai Mirror, gives the film a rating of four stars, and writes:

“Being a single woman in Delhi makes for fragile existence. Constantly scoped by the prying eyes of neighbors who deduce her character based on when she returns home and the guests she entertains, it is an unsettling world. This is the backdrop of Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Pink, which effectively transfers the fears and frustrations of its characters onto the audience. The most pertinent point this film underlines is the feudal mindset of the milieu, amplified by the sense of male entitlement that eliminates consent.”

Funny click at shoot of Pink
Freetime: Girly “Pink” moment

Mayank Shekhar, in Mid-Day, offers a four-star rating as well, and says:

“…more significantly, the film, up until the closing credits, does not even visually describe the said incident. It grips you still with a gently piercing background score, moments of silence and dialogue, building up the tension, while the audience wonders what really could have happened one unfortunate night when three girls found themselves in a Surajkund resort with three guys. And one of the boys got seriously injured thereafter.”


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