Finally Karisma Kapoor has been granted a divorce after a really long court battle of years and is finally a free bird now. As we all know, she has been divorced from the now ex-husband, Sunjay Kapoor. Reportedly, she has been dating another man for some time now. He is said to be Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO of a Mumbai based Pharmaceutical company.

Karisma Kapoor id planning to move-in with Sandeep

It has been reported by sources close to couple that Sandeep and Karisma have been a strong pillar of strength for each other all throughout the whole divorce things. While now, Karisma is officially divorced, Sandeep is still legally married to his wife, Ashrita, a dentist by profession.

It was reported some time back that Sandeep was house hunting in posh locality of Bandra. We were assuming it to be a kind of bachelor pad for the man seeking to separate from his wife but the latest reports suggest that he wants a lavish 3 BHK house in Bandra.

Karisma Kapoor to move-in with Sandeep?

It is also being grinding in the rumour mills that that this house is a gift to Karisma and her two children with Sunjay, Samaira Kapur and Kiaan Raj Kapur. Apparently, both the kids live with Karisma Kapoor only as she won their custody during the divorce battle. Sunjay has been only granted only has the visitation rights in the divorce but for a substantial amount of time.

Now the question is, Is the couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level and move-in together finally?

Until very recently, it was reported that the marriage between the two was highly unlikely as Sandeep’s current wife Ashrita was in no mood for a divorce and is not willing to sign the dotted lines even. The reason of this is apparently Ashrita is irked that Sandeep has an affair with Karisma while the two were married. She has even claimed that she wouldn’t let the two ever marry.

If the sources are to be believed any further, it seems like she has had a change of heart! May be we will get to see Sandeep and Karisma getting married soon or maybe they just live-in. But only time will tell, what stands true in future.


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