Gulshan Devaiah came into limelight when he starred in the comedy movie ‘Hunterrr’ which was released back in 2015 and was appreciated by a large section of audiences.

Gulshan Devaiah

With India getting covered in snow, there is a similar kind of situation in countries worldwide. The actor, Gulshan Devaiah has been stuck in the same situation at Istanbul airport in Turkey. Gulshan was returning to Mumbai after his vacation with his wife, Kalliroi Tziafeta and has been stranded at the airport now due to heavy snowstorm.

According to sources, Gulshan Devaiah and Kalliroi Tziafeta have ringed in their New Year 2017 with a holiday in Greece. Here they have also watched the music comedy of Damien Chazelle – ‘La La Land’ which has received wide critical appreciation. However, their connecting flight was in Istanbul unfortunately and here the duo has been stranded for more than 12 hours now.

The whole incident has been put forward by this ‘Hunterrr’ actor in a series of tweets from his official twitter handle that is named ‘SuperGullu’.

His latest tweet is as follows: “Currently in #Istanbul camping out in the airport .. another day it seems #snowstorm”.

The actor has also shared a video of the condition at the Istanbul airport and in this video we can clearly see how everything is covered in snow including the aircrafts themselves.

Some twenty hours back, the actor took to Twitter to share his joy of returning back to the B-town from the city, Athens. He even shared a picture of him and his wife along who we must say looked really beautiful.

Eight hours ago, the actor shared on Twitter his condition by saying, “Stuck in #Istanbul airport, all flights cancelled due to snow storm. Been here over 12 hrs The whole airport is closed #snowstorm

As per his tweets, the actor is thoroughly enjoying his time being stranded at the Istanbul Airport.

Gulshan Devaiah will be next seen in the movie ‘Cabaret’ which has Richa Chadha in the lead. The film is being produced by Pooja Bhatt and according to some sources, the story is inspired from the life of Helen which has been otherwise denied by the makers.


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