Since the time the episode of Koffee with Karan with Ranveer and Ranbir was shot, there were expectations all around that it will be the BEST Koffee with Karan episode so far. And we must admit, it had lived up to all such expectations and the hype that was created around the idea of bringing Deepika Padukone’s favourites, Ranveer and Ranbir together.

ranveer and ranbir coming together in a movie

Apparently, the two heroes showed a great chemistry on the show and made Kjo chuckle all the while. They even confessed that they hang out together sometimes and share love and respect for other’s cinema that they choose to represent in their movies.

Ranbir was rather being more straight-forward and open unlike Ranveer who stayed mum about his relationship with Deepika Padukone but went pink in cheeks even when Ranbir wished the two get married and have awesome babies.

Karan Johar had a gala time having them on the show and that blast feel did get transported to our television sets thus, making it clear that Kjo is very much fond of both of them. Now Kjo is keen of casting Ranveer and Ranbir together in a movie. And if the source information is to be believed, we might just witness them both on the silver screen together and that too, very soon.

Even on the show, Karan had showed interest in casting Ranbir and Ranveer together in a remake of Raj Kapoor’s Sangam. Reportedly, it was on Karan’s mind for a while. But he came out and said it in public for the first time.

Ranveer and Ranbir together in a movie!

A source close to the director says, “Karan has offered the two actors Sangam a long time ago. The problem is, both the actors want to play Raj Kapoor’s role. If Ranveer insists, Ranbir is okay reprising Rajendra Kumar’s role. But by right, Ranbir, who is Raj saab’s grandson should ideally play the role, right? That’s what Karan feels.”

Reports also suggest that Karan Johar also wants to Deepika Padukone to star in it (Karan had revealed this on the show as well).

Let’s hope and pray that Karan becomes successful in trudging through this thought and we can actually see the two handsome hunks in the same movie.


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