Popular big budget Filmmaker cum Choreographer Farah Khan says, Bollywood these days is going through a tough time.Farah Khan said to reporters, “Bollywood is going through a really tough time. The kind of taxes that are put on a Bollywood movie is crazy. Hollywood movies come here but their taxation is half of ours. They are not taxed as we are.”

Farah Khan

It has become very expensive to make a movie and now everyone wants to watch on the phone. That’s going to be the future. Also, half of the money the government takes, so it is becoming difficult,” she further added.

“It doesn’t scare me but they (Government) have to figure out a way to control it. It’s the budget that’s wrong, especially the small budget movie that you have to worry about,” she said in her recent interview.

She high lightens this in taking concern about overall film industry business that this is really a tough moment for whole Indian Film Industry, including Disney India, UTV Motion Pictures, and whole filmmaking business.

Well apart this Farah Khan next production movie is totally based on “womeniya” plot, it will be a girl-centric movie with no star in it.

It was easier for me to get a 100-crore project green-lit but a 20-crore project is taking time because it doesn’t have a star,” she said in her recent interview with IANS.

Farah Khan interviewed

She says, “The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script 100 times if you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that’s the good side and a bad side to it. You tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star driving on it sometimes.”

Farah Khan says a few days back, “That opening is for sure. With other movies you don’t know it can die in a week. If it’s a great movie by word of mouth it grows but that’s 1 in 100. I think that’s why not only here even in Hollywood when an actor becomes a star and has a certain amount of equity, name everyone wants to cash on it”.


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