After swooping in the live performance at 61 concerts all over the world in the span of three years. Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar‘s musical band “Farhan Live” will be documented soon.

Farhan Akhtar's musical journey to be made into a documentary
Farhan Akhtar’s musical journey to be made into a documentary.

According to the Bollywood sources, The band which was assembled in the year 2009 is inherited with teammates and has captured everything – right from its existence to how it grew over the years. The footage from concerts, the jamming sessions and preparations will all be a part of it. The response from his team during all these concerts has been fantastic.

Farhan performing live
Farhan Live will be soon documented.

“The documentary will be released soon. Farhan’s team has captured everything, from how the band came into existence to how it has grown over the years. It will feature footages from their concerts, the jamming sessions and the rigorous preparations that the band has gone through,” says a source.

The source adds, “Farhan has also met a lot of his fans during these concerts. The response from their fans has been fantastic. Hence, they thought of showcasing their eight-year journey.”

Farhan remained unavailable for a comment, but his spokesperson confirmed the news, and said, “The team of Farhan Live has beautifully encapsulated the journey of the band — from how it began to their 61 performances across the globe.”


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