Dangal is still going strong in the third week of box office and is raking in huge crores with each passing day. The movie raked in a total of Rs. 4.35 Crore on the third Monday which is exceptional because no one has done such a spectacular business in the weekdays of the third week. The movie did a decent business also on Day 19 till now i.e. the Third Tuesday making. The movie did a decent business also on Day 19 i.e. the Third Tuesday making Dangal, the first movie in the Bollywood cinema to cross the 350 crore mark at the domestic box office. Check Dangal Box Office Collection Day 19 here.Dangal Box Office Collection Day 19 till now

Dangal Box Office Collection till date

Dangal Day 1 collection: Rs. 29.78 Crore
Dangal Day 2 collection: Rs. 34.82 Crore
Dangal Day 3 collection: Rs. 42.41 Crore
Dangal Day 4 collection: Rs. 25.69 Crore
Dangal Day 5 collection: Rs. 23.09 Crore
Dangal Day 6 collection: Rs. 21.46 Crore
Dangal Day 7 collection: Rs. 20.29 Crore
Dangal Day 8 collection: Rs. 18.59 Crore
Dangal Day 9 collection: Rs. 23.72 Crore
Dangal Day 10 collection: Rs. 32.27 Crore
Dangal Day 11 collection: Rs. 13.45 Crore
Dangal Day 12 collection: Rs. 10.46 Crore
Dangal Day 13 collection: Rs. 9.23 Crore
Dangal Day 14 collection: Rs.  9.12 Crore
Dangal Day 15 collection: Rs. 6.66 Crore
Dangal Day 16 collection: Rs. 10.80 Crore
Dangal Day 17 collection: Rs. 14.33 Crore
Dangal Day 18 collection: Rs. 4.35 Crore
Dangal Day 19 collection: Rs. 3.67 Crore*

Total Box Office Collection till date: ₹ 352.76 cr

Total Box Office Collection Overseas till date: ₹ 184.96

Looking at the figures, one can only say that ‘Dangal’ has been very successful at the box office. The reasons advocated for the same can be the time of holidays for the entire country and people abroad. Also, the movie has received wide critical appreciation for dealing with a story that had a feminist touch to it.

The movie will now experience a halt in the earnings with this Friday when ‘OK Jaanu’ starring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur will be released. Though we are not expecting ‘OK Jaanu’ to do spectacular at the box office but being the first release of 2017 and a new movie after almost 3 weeks can work in its favour.


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