Priyanka and Selena Gomez are coming togetherBollywood 

Amazing: Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez will be sharing screen space soon!

The golden run of Priyanka Chopra’s career seems like it is on a nitro boost at present. This girl is creating wonders and unlocking the uncharted path of Hollywood silver screen, small screen and Advertisement arena for generations to come. After putting across countless milestones in the Bollywood itself now she is doing an exceptional job for herself at the international level. Her infamous TV series ‘Quantico’ is creating waves on the small screen and her big budget Hollywood flick with the famous, Dwayne Johnson, Baywatch is creating the necessary buzz in the silver screen arena. We can undoubtedly say that she is on the verge of global domination.Priyanka and Selena Gomez are coming together

In addition to all these international achievement, she has recently added another feather to her cap when she was signed by a well known shampoo brand, Pantene. The most amazing part of this endorsement agreement is that our singer-actor Piggy Chops will be seen sharing the screen space with the widely popular International singer-actor Selena Gomez.

Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez Coming Together

This news was brought to the notice of her fans through an Instagram post by her manager, Anjula Acharia on her official Instagram handle. Sharing a picture, she captioned it with, “#ProudManager @priyankachopra this girl rocks. Closing deals, making waves, changing the game #diversityinadvertising”

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#ProudManager @priyankachopra this girl rocks. Closing deals, making waves, changing the game #diversityinadvertising by @anjula_acharia
Priyanka Chopra mostly stays out of India now and recently she was here for an award show where she made a dazzling appearance at the red carpet and on being asked what she misses the most, she replied with her beautiful bright smile that she badly misses the Indian red carpet. And on being asked what the first thing was that she did when she came back to Mumbai, she said she opened the windows to breathe in some Bombay air. This is what we love about her, in spite of having countless international fan following, the loyalty towards her soil is crystal clear in her words.

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