'Akira' : Sonakshi Sinha
‘Akira’ : Sonakshi Sinha pushing the limits as an actor

Akira starring Sonakshi Sinha is the new hot topic these days owing to its slick action sequences. Sonakshi is seen brawling off a pack of thugs and with her kicks and karate-chops and reducing them to mush.
Sonakshi stated she started training two months before the film hit off. “Even when the shooting was on, I had to keep learning the judo karate kicks to make the fight scenes more convincing and gut-wrenching,” the actor said. Sonakshi finds the film director AR Murugadoss really commendable for deciding to do a woman-centric film. The actor strongly believes that women all over the world should have a basic knowledge of self-defence.

‘Akira’ : Sonakshi can relate the movie with real life struggle 

When asked about the difficulty level while doing the martial art scenes, Sonakshi says she owes it all to her being very active in sports in her school days, hence it was not that difficult to pull off action scenes as it needed quick reflexes and agility. “From throwball, volleyball, basketball to swimming and disc throw, I did everything,’‘ says the actress.
Taking up ‘Akira’ has an exceptional worth for Sonakshi as she feels now that women sportspersons like PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar are earning honours for the country, it seems apt that we acclaim the birth of a girl child in our country. Next in line after ‘Akira‘, Sonakshi pushes her “action heroine” tag forward with ‘Force 2‘ staring alongside John Abraham.

Sonakshi mentions that she has absolutely no regrets about the films that she has worked in. “I have learnt from each and every movie that I have done so far even though they may not have been all hits. Yes, every actor, worth his/her salt, should keep reinventing himself/herself,” says Sonakshi. She till date considers the 2013 movie ‘Lootera‘ one of her best movies even though it didn’t light up the box office on fire.
Sonakshi was never made to believe that she would have it all easy in Bollywood owing it to her famous film start father. According to her, she has experienced her share of struggle in this world. “We were made to experience what life is all about and there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whatever I am today is because of my hard work and struggle,’‘ says Sonakshi.


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