We all know about how Indian Government is planning to take serious action for misleading consumers over on celebrities who are paid to speak up illogical facts about products in advertisements. During this official mulling by State Government about the new section of the law that would make celebrities “accountable for misleading ads”, the Fashionable Face, the Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut felt bad to hold stars responsible for brand endorsements. She said that We actors are just the face of the brand and consumers are solely responsible for the product they choose, they buy.

Kangana Ranaut

She said, “We are just the face of the brand but the consumers are the king”, she means that consumers are entirely free to choose, to make their own decision and responsible for their investment in the resource. She answered to IANS over this in a telephonic interview from Bengaluru.
The Queen notify that celebrities can not hold responsibility about how the product is manufactured, so consumers are freely and entirely the upholders to choose wisely. So in clear this statement means that everyone is responsible for their life, for their investment for a deal in loosing or profiting.

Kangana Ranaut-2

She further added in her telephonic interview : “We still are very naive when it comes to the product and consumer relationship. People just have to make their own decisions. We (actors) cannot most definitely take responsibility of how these things are manufactured.”

Although Kangana Ranaut is always being very selective in endorsements and agreements. She says she would never associate herself with something that “propagate a certain group of people or race”. “It shouldn’t be derogatory to a certain section of the consumer. I am against fairness and things that sort of want to propagate a certain group of people or race and then run others down. “That is sort of discrimination and is definitely not acceptable,” said the actress.


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