31st october movie review : 2.5/5 stars
31st october movie review : 2.5/5 stars

Starring Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan, 31st October is now running in your near theaters.The film is written and produced by Harry Sachdeva and directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil. Based on a true story, 31st October focuses on the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination which occurred on 31 October 1984.If you’re searching for 31st October Movie Review then we got you covered.Check all the early critic reviews and audience responses.This will give you an idea about how 31st October is going to perform on Box Office.

31st October Movie Review : Vir Das Shines but Film has many Flaws

Review by BollywoodBubble – 2/5 stars :

“To wrap it up, ‘31st October’ is a good effort or rather we should say a tribute for those who lost their lives in that massacre. But the film certainly lacks a good execution which could have made it more impactful. The end verdict is that you can watch it once to get a hold or even recall that incident, else if you skip it you wouldn’t miss something.”

Review by ClapsNSlaps – 3.5/5 Stars : 

“A hard-hitting drama coupled with intense moments, bloodshed and heart-thumping background score- the first half makes up for a gripping ride; along with a good Intermission point. However, the film loses its grip during the second half due to its slow pace. But that surely doesn’t take away the effect of the movie as the mystery to know what happens next ,and sympathies for the Singh family continue to flow. 

It’s not a well-crafted film. But it surely is a well-directed one. The cinematography is apt. Thankfully, there are no forced songs or unnecessary angles to divert the movie from its topic. Overall, this one’s surely worth the watch! “

Review by Just Bollywood  : “The film is inspired by real life incident however, the maker has failed to portray the right ways. The performances of the film aren’t that par as required in the film. The script needed some punch to elate its quality but the director has otherwise failed to incorporate. The film therefore has a low rating considering the number of flaws in it, which will even impact its business in a big way.”

Review by NDTV Movies – 2.5/5 Stars :

“It isn’t enough for a film to be well-intentioned. It still has to get most of its punches in to put points on the board.
31st October, a rare Hindi film focused on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, decisively checks the first box. It, however, fails to score big on the second count.
31st October pulls no punches in exposing the ignominious role of the police but it names no party or leader. We do, however, spot at least a couple of characters who resemble real-life Delhi netas accused of inciting violence against Sikhs on those four days of utter lawlessness.
Its theme is of pressing relevance. Yet, 31st October doesn’t leave a lasting impression. It isn’t half the film it could, and should, have been. Be that as it may, it is still is a film that needs to be widely seen.

Review by NowRunning – 1/5 stars :

“The story of the Sikh pogrom after the Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated (31st October, 1984) has been well documented and accepted as something where no justice can be truly offered. But when a film attempts to dramatise the events in an amateurish way, the heart-wrenching awfulness of those events is lost. The audience feels no empathy in the fake emotions and the graphic blood and gore fails too.”

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