2400% Increase in Spams Related to Kim Kardashian : NortonYou may have heard about Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian being tied into her bathroom and then being robbed off around 6 million Euros worth of jewellery from her. Well that was sad for her but what’s more sad as well as shocking is that just minutes after the leakage of the news there were various spams and scams taking place online which amounted to 2400% increment when the news completed 24 hours as reported by Norton.

In-Depth Analysis

According to Norton Cyber Criminals knew that hearing the news people would search for unwanted elements inside the news and taking advantage of this, the cyber criminals started spamming the web with fake links as well as sites, making people to click over some attachments that ought to look viable to them but was just another scam to sneak into their security system.

Norton report on Spam searches Related to Kim Kardashian

Norton said, “They made use of social engineering tactic under which they targeted people by hooking them with emotional messages.”

The criminals were so active that the spam index crossed a whopping 2400% ration which sounds completely impossible but according to Norton’s findings it a hard truth to believe.

According to Norton’s report the majority of the spams targeted English, German as well as French audience as the messages were greatly in these languages only.

Norton told in its statement, “Just because you see it on your feed does not necessarily mean it is true. Sometimes, your friends may have fallen victim to the scam and are not aware of it; scammers using click-jacking could have hijacked their account. Always check the link before clicking.”

kanye west and Kim Kardashian
kanye west and Kim Kardashian

If you ever have a doubt on any “lucrative” or hard to believe news then just point yourself to any search engine, be it Google or Bing and search there for the same. If the news comes out to be legit then 100% there would be a lot of links about the news indicating the same material.

This way you can be on the safer side from these scams.


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