A new modification will be done in the rules and regulations of the UPSC examination. Recently, the Delhi High Court of India has urged the Union Public Service Commission to take some necessary step in the UPSC examination in the country. The new modification is that “the third gender or the transgender should be included in the UPSC Exam application forms”.

Transgender Category to Include in UPSC Exam

Transgender Category to be Included in UPSC Exam – A New Modification

A new third gender category will be updated in the application forms soon to help the eunuchs apply for the UPSC examination. On April 15, 2014, Supreme Court has passed a legal note to pass this modification.

The court also said that this modification will be only for the transgender. It will not be applicable for the gays, lesbians or the bisexuals as they are not considered as the third gender. The court disposed of a PIL filed by advocate Jamshed Ansari who had challenged UPSC examination notice of May 23 last year on the ground of non-inclusion of transgender/third gender as a gender option in the application form for the 2015 civil services (preliminary) examination.

As there is no option for the eunuchs’ category to apply for the UPSC examination, so, the decision is being taken to put the third gender in the application form of the UPSC examination.

The modification was not passed in the year 2014 as, there is a confusion regarding the fact that will the gay, lesbian or the bisexuals comes in the third gender category.

The fellow who comes under the transgender category is considered as the ignored category and they suffer from social depression, shame, and fear. So, to help them to fit into the national mainstream, this step is taken by the high authority of India.

So, this modification will be soon applicable and they can easily apply for the UPSC examination.

“Hope to see a new modification soon for the Eunuchs in the UPSC application form”.


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