Violent extremism is rising among the students these days. From rape to stealing many brutal crimes are committed by students or joining ISIS and following their beliefs. Even in students, political rallies violent extremism can be seen.

Education granted in schools can play a vital part in fighting violent extremism, which is the result of marginalization, discrimination, poverty, etc. This was the highlight of the UNESCO International Conference on the Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education.

Teaching Resilience to Students can Prevent Violent Extremism: UNESCO

The two-day conference, which is being organized out by UNESCO Headquarters and the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development was marked attendance by delegates from various parts in the world. The prime focus was on Global Terrorism and how to control youth violent extremism.

Examining what makes youth taking to extremism, Soo-Hyang Choi, Director, Division for Inclusion, Peace, and Sustainable Development, UNESCO Headquarters said that separated from estrangement, the possibility of a stable business, winning cash, solid administration in an all around organized environment where the ‘push and draw’ variables for rising xenophobia. Discussing how schools are among the main weapon in taking care of this, she contended that schools can teach resilience to students, setting them up to be tolerant of those with unique perspectives. “Students must be instructed the capacity to not fall prey to straightforward high contrast messages. Schools can likewise support basic speculation for various purposes of views,”she included.



Taking the whole session forward, George Godia, Ambassador of Kenya to UNESCO said that schools must confer instruction that is significant to the employable area. “Workabilities must frame a vital piece of educational modules as it builds work prospects and all the while shields youth from getting waylaid by fanatics. Schools should likewise embrace to changing society and educators too need to push forward with times,” he expressed, including that one of the difficulties is the disappointment of families in strengthening school’s objectives. Godia also requested media to take responsibility.” Media should follow some self-regulating norms” he added.


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