The Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani who was recently put under house arrest and denied the permission to organize a rally and attend a public meeting commented on the current educational status of Jammu Kashmir. The schools and colleges of Jammu and Kashmir have stayed closed for more than 100 days in this academic year and owing to this the education must have suffered a lot. But Syed Ali Shah Geelani prefers to differ with this opinion and states. The political leader while commenting stated

“They (rulers) feign empathy and concern for our children and their education, while they blindly go on “presiding over their murders and maiming”. They say the education of our children has suffered; but let us tell our people that our education has not suffered but instead blossomed, he said in a letter addressed to the people of Kashmir.”

Geelani mentioned that the citizens of Jammu Kashmir and most prominently the youngsters have learnt a lot during this period. He also remarked on the Education Minister of Jammu Kashmir Naeem Akhtar without naming him that the protests by the youth of Jammu and Kashmir are a slap on the faces of those who want to curb the uprisings by using the school going children as a tool.

On previous occasion the Education Minister of Jammu Kashmir Naeem Akhtar had got threats from the terrorist organisation strictly warning him not to meddle with the affairs of the group and be prepared to face the dire consequences in case he does not stay away from the issue.

Here it is notable owing to the terror issues Jammu Kashmir’s life has seen many ups and downs and the citizens are facing a lot of issues. The education sector is the most affected sector owing to which many Kashmiri youth are forced to shift to other states for their higher education.


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