Around one lakh children are still left out from attaining the basic formal education. As per a recent survey conducted the education officers have found the startling fact that over one lakh students have been left out of the government’s Out Of School Children (OOSC) campaign. As per the report in Delhi, there are 7-8 thousand OOSCs.Right To Education: At Least 1 Lakh left out from attaining the Basic Education

The State Project Director of SarvaShikshaAbhiyan E. Raja Babu while commenting on this grave matter gave his opinion stating some statistics. Raja Babu mentioned “If there are over 33,000 OOSCs from about 40% households, the actual number of kids could be in the region of 80,000 to 1 lakh,”He further quoted “Of the 1,150 kids we found across 12 wards, only about 100 were actually out-of-school. Some couldn’t even be located,”The director further quoting some information available from Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) said “The JJB is following this closely as kids who have dropped out are prone to addiction, crime,”

To improvise the current situation a recent meeting held in the month of September by Directorate of Education (DoE) emphasized on the setting up of Special Training Centres and relaxing the regulations for the recruitment of the teaching staff. Post 6 years of the Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTA) a comprehensive policy could be implemented.

KiranBhatty an expert from Centre for Policy Research quoted “It is natural for JJB to take an interest because they bear the brunt of this crisis. We are now well within the third or fourth generation that’s suffering due to the neglect of education,”She further added “There are genuine problems with capturing data, particularly in urban areas where there is a shifting population, seasonal migration,” she says. Definitions of “discontinued” or “drop-out” differ, as do policies for striking names off due to absenteeism; “out-of-school” can be “never-enrolled” or “don’t attend.” “It is very hard to get an accurate estimate. It also depends on how families understand these terms. Does “discontinued” mean they’ve withdrawn or attended irregularly? School has incentives for keeping names on too.”



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