CBSE that is Central Board Of Secondary Education has issued a circular that there should be no homework given to the students  who are in class first and second and it is a good decision as the children were already very much burdened by the pressure of the homework and were really fed up of carrying those heavy bags while going to the school.

No School bags and Homework for Class 1&2 Students says CBSE
No School bags and Homework for Class 1&2 Students says CBSE

 For the teachers there are various suggestions that they can make the students understand and learn thing by the help of smart classes so that they will be aware with the new technologies, and smart classes seems attractive to the students and help in developing their interest to a greater extent by watching the video tutorials or another alternative is that the teachers should keep the book in the school cupboard and give one book to two students when the class gets started.Some of the points that are necessary and should be kept in mind for the better functioning of school and for the betterment of students are:

  • There should be a particular time table for each day so that the children do not carry all the book daily.
  • No home work should be assigned rather the work should be finished in school itself.
  • Light weighted book should be there instead of those heavy and thick books
  • The sports activities should be encouraged in the school on Saturday’s to keep the child healthy and energetic


It is a good news for the students as it is being said that all the schools which are affiliated to CBSE will have to ensure that the children of class first and second do not carry bags to school as the heavy bags and pressure of homework can can affect their physical growth and lead to problems in spinal chord and stress among the children.


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