A proud moment for India as one of the Indian-origin scientist Mr. Ramesh Raskar who is 46 years old has won Lemelson-MIT award of 500000 dollars for his pioneering invention to create a solution for the improvement of lives globally.The MIT award is given to the inventors who are excellent in their field and help in the improving the world to an extent by contributing in development, innovation and invention in the field of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics.

Ramesh Raskar wins Lemelson-MIT Prize
Ramesh Raskar wins Lemelson-MIT Prize

He is an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences and the instigator of the Camera Culture research group at the MIT Media Lab, which was formed by him in the year 2008, the MIT Media Lab focuses on analysing light transport in computational imaging, and creating the imaging devices.Mr. Ramesh Raskar has planned that he will be using a share of prize money for the launching of a new invention with the help of peer-to-peer invention.He is a very dedicated scientist and wants to make every possible effort for the betterment of the world.Well talking about some of the achievements of Mr. Ramesh Raskar so I should say he has done a commendable job in improving the lives globally.Some of his achievements are listed below:

  • He has invented low-cost eye-care solutions for the flourishing world
  • He has more than 75 patents to his name
  • There are almost 120 reviewed publications written by him
  • He is the co-inventor of an ultra-fast imaging system that can see around corners, radical imaging solutions including Femto-photography.

Another great and surprising invention he did was that he developed the camera that helps in accessing the pages of a book without opening its cover.He combines his best knowledge of the entrepreneurial and academic world to achieve this great award.It was really a groundbreaking and revolutionary invention for which now he is being praised and appreciated.


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