India has lost its edge in education due to the establishment of western education in all the institutions by colonialists of British empire – especially Lord Thomas Macaulay, said Union Minister Giriraj Singh on October 11th.Mr. Singh, in a conference held up for the launch of the range of medicines based on a traditional Indian system of Ayurveda, said that the policy introduced by the governor is causing limitless harm to the traditional Indian culture over a large period of time and India is persistently paying the price without any interruption.


 “Education was used to be our USP across the world after the time of independence. But Macaulay’s policy of education has ruined everything and the people of India are suffering from the consequences, “He said.
 He further added that if Ayurveda was taught after the independence, then all medicines could be extracted from plants. But Health care had become a business today.
Thomas Macaulay– as India’s-governor-general had disgracefully commented against the traditions of India, its way of learning and also criticized for being subordinate to western education.
 Mr. Singh pointing towards Ayurveda said that if India had focused on improving a traditional system of medicines then the cures for several diseases could have been originated by now. But health care has been modified and unluckily it has become a business today.

India would have been destined to a much better in education than this if Sir Thomas Macaulay had not introduced the western concepts for education.


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