Indian students are coming up flamboyantly in Cambridge International examination for the past few years.

Concise News:

 Approximately 41 Indian students at an average have topped in several subjects in November 2015, March 2016 and June 2016 in Cambridge International Examination across IGCSE.

 About 101 of Indian students topped in the country across with these qualifications.

 According to a statement subjected by the Cambridge International Examination series, toppers from schools will be issued by “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Certificate” respectably for their flamboyant academic excellence.

 Dhwani kachru, Katyayani Singh and Tushhar Saha, all from DPS are toppers in history, Computer Science etc.

 Gautam Bajaj, Himel Saha and Sahebjit Singh are toppers across the world in Mathematics.

 Many other Indian students are toppers from DPS, Delhi-NCR area or Step by Step school in different subjects.

 Regional director, Ruchira Ghosh, CIE states, “It makes us enthusiastic when young aspirants successfully give outstanding results, Also, they have a passion and they will succeed”

Amita Mishra, principal of DPS International School said, “We feel privileged to have students each holding unique set of skills. Over the past few years, we have observed raising their graphs in academics. Every parent and student believe that the expectations of Cambridge have made students more creative. It is a moment of proud to set students to take proprietorship of their lessons and learnings”

Furthermore, there are 370 Cambridge schools in India by now. There has been a consequential increase in the popularity of Cambridge Qualifications. The Number of entries for all courses is increased by 17 percent in India since 2015. The most popular subjects are first language English, Hindi, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


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