What’s wrong with the general public, even little children are facing attack nowadays. A 4-year-old, pre-nursery kid has been molested by a school worker in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri. The small kid told her mom about the incident on returning home on Friday, then she called her husband who works as a driver. They then took her to a private clinic and a FIR was held up simply after the full body examination, the police said. A case under IPC 354 (attack) and the POCSO Act has as of late been enrolled. The police keep on being investigating the school staff.

As the kid is very small, making it impossible to identify the person who did this, the police are checking footage from the CCTV cameras on the school premises. A Girl was being attacked in school and nobody has knowledge of this.

“She has told her mother that she was taken to a washroom by one uncle. We trust the hand of an insider. The survivor has likewise said the uncle has a mustache. Her teachers are being asked about where the kid went in ongoing school hours. The police authorities are also talking to her classmates to get some clues and ideas about what exactly happened. They are investigating to know if the other kids also have some story to narrate.

Small school girl molested by School worker
Small school girl molested by School worker

On Sunday morning, the parents and neighborhood individuals walked to the school requesting the arrest of accused. They left only after senior officers assured them of a quick research, the officer said.

This is the result of the negligence of school authorities towards small kids. Why teacher was not aware of this mishaps. Is this kid is only the victim or more kids went through this molestation, police authorities are investigating on this part too.


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