Deportation, in general, means an action of banishing the foreigner from a country it is a tag that cannot be erased so easily.The Students who wish to go to foreign countries for getting higher education or doing various courses from the top universities, do a lot of hard work in getting admission in the top universities and when after such a hard work they face the problem of deportation even before joining the College then they feel that all their hard work has gone in vain.There was a report in which it was told that many students have undergone this bad experience due to certain reasons.Harjiv Singh, founder, and CEO, Salwan Media Ventures, and convener, One Globe Forum, tells the details that why and how to deal and avoid this problem.

Deportation, Indelible blot : Why are Indian Students Deported back home?

Why are Indian students deported back home?

Well, the Indian students are not aware of the fraud cases of student visa that happens around basically the main source of the fraud cases are the fraud universities and the dishonest agents that involve the innocent students in the scam and play with their future.The students then have to face the consequences of this and the impact on the family of the students is catastrophic because they have paid lakhs of money for the process of application, visa and the travel costs.Moreover, the deportation can spoil your future plans to go abroad for working.

Stop Deportation of  Indian Students

What can students do to ensure that their college application and studies proceed without mishaps?

Students can search on the internet about the good colleges that are situated abroad and should grab the proper information before applying for any course and must also make sure that they do not get a victim of fraud by the dishonest agents.You can always feel free and can take a note of the necessary information from the university by giving them a phone call rather than being cheated at the time of joining.


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