University Grants Commission (UGC) has changed the grading system of NAAC recently. The change in the grading system comes with a change in the score. The UGC authority has decided to use the grade four instead of seven. This will make a change in the preparation of the examination. This will be rather a tough competition after the change in the grading system. The grading system will now move from A Plus to A Plus Plus. Now, students who all are preparing for the NAAC (National Council for Accreditation and Assessment Council) will have to work hard for the examination.

Change in Grade System – UGC of NAAC

NAAC – Change in Grade System

The main motive to establish the NAAC by the University Grants Commission (UGC) was to assess and accredit the institutions that provide higher education in the nation. After the establishment of the NAAC in the country, it has worked towards refining the education system in the country by continuous hardwork.

NAAC accredits the colleges in the country by the overall performance of the students, the teaching quality, the degree and qualification of the teachers, etc. They grade the colleges from Grade A to Grade D. If NAA finds any colleges below the performance level they will not accredit the college. The grade should be between A and B. If it comes in the C category, it means the college is not performing well.

NAAC accreditation is very important for every college running in the country. Without the accreditation, colleges will not get proper education system. Hence, the students will suffer from getting a quality education. A college that gets the high grade during the inspection will be felicitated.

Hence, the change in the grading system will lead to more hardwork and students who are good at studies will score high.


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