Gone are the days when the teachers of government schools used to take unscheduled leaves and skipped the schools. Now the latest order issued by the state government has tightened the noose around the neck of such irregular staff. The officials have ordered the school staff to send three selfies a day so as to show their presence in school and mark their attendance. The authorities have gone tech-savvy and have ordered the teachers to WhatsApp their selfies thrice a day.In Bulandshahr, ‘school selfies ’ drive up teachers’ attendance

As per the orders, the teachers have to send three selfies a day which include a selfie in the morning assembly, one during the distribution of Mid-Day meal and third one while the dispersal of school students. One month post such orders by the authorities the results have been remarkable. A growth of one-fifth proportion has been seen in the attendance of the teachers. The 20% growth achieved by the department in regards to the attendance of the teachers is a commendable task. The rule that was applied to a government school of Bulandshahr will now soon be implemented in other schools too. The authorities have become quite happy with such a huge change and are expecting better results in the coming months.

As per the orders of District Magistrate (DM), the selfies will be sent on WhatsApp to the WhatsApp group run by the Assistant Basic Shiksha Adhikari (ABSA). The DM when contacted for his comment on this development was quite happy to share his thoughts. The DM quoted “We had been receiving a lot of complaints regarding teachers skipping school and taking unscheduled leaves. Among other things, we also received complaints that mid-day meals were not being cooked inside the schools. We even heard that in some places, local residents had been stealing utensils and gas cylinders. Last month, we laid down some special guidelines to improve primary and secondary education in the district. One of the guidelines asked teachers to send three selfies – taken during the morning assembly, while serving the mid-day meal and during dispersal of students at the day’s end – to WhatsApp groups run by ABSAs,”



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