There is always an alternative to stop any scam in one way or the other. After the scam of the BSEB Topper, Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is going to set a new law in the state by accessing the Aadhar Card of the students. Student’s application forms will be linked to the Aadhar Card to avoid the duplication of the student’s application form and an easy access to documents. To curb forgery in examinations, the Bihar School Examination Board has taken this great initiative. This initiative will add a great transparency to the examinations.

BSEB to link exams to Aadhaar Card to Stop Forgery

BSEB to link exams to Aadhaar Card

The main motive of adding this initiative is to avoid the duplication of the application forms for the examination. After the huge Toppers scam in the state, the authority has strictly added this new process from the coming academic year. Bihar will be the first state in the country to link Aadhar Card with the application form.

Anand Kishore, Chairman of BSEB has recently said in a report that “Aadhar is must for every application form to appear in the examination in the state. Students have to add the Aadhar Card number in their application form to avoid any scam. He also added that, students who have no Aadhar Card are requested to apply for the same soon”.

In every application form, there will be a separate column to fill the details of the Aadhar Card. Candidates have to fill the details in the form. This initiative will be implemented from the BSEB’s compartmental exams. The compartmental examinations will be in November 2016.

Students who fail to give the details of the Aadhar Card will not be allowed to fill the application form or appear in the examination. This strictness will help the state in providing a transparent result.


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