Kishore was quoted saying, “As the part of the cleanup process within BSEB, we have canceled confederation of 68 inter colleges and 19 schools.


 BSEB de-identified all 212 schools and inter colleges which were granted confederation during the presidency of Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh.

 The broadcasting unit exposed that how unmerited nationals were securing merit places in exams after paying bribe and donations.

 Singh was the chairman of the BSEB when tenure toppers scam happened.

Bihar toppers scam: A student named Ruby Rai did not write copy herself

 Ruby Rai, a suspect in the Bihar’s scam, did not write her examination copy herself. It was written by someone else, confirmed by police according to the forensic lab report.

 The lab investigated her handwriting sample.

 Ruby is one of the toppers of class 12th in humanities streams the year 2016 conducted by the BSEB.

 She scored 444 out of 500 marks but her result was abandoned when she failed a re-test conducted by the Board of Secondary Education.

 Furthermore, Ruby claimed she is innocent and has been the victim of a confederacy.

 Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj claimed to file a fresh FIR in this case. He is also heading the Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the toppers scam.

 Ruby got disturbed after a sting by a news channel showing her giving ridiculous answers to elementary questions related to her subjects.

 She was detained in June by the SIT after the scam happened.

 The SIT of Bihar Police claimed a FIR against Ruby, Saurabh, and three other non-deserving toppers.

 After being detained, Ruby confirmed to police that it was one Bachcha chacha (uncle) and her father who helped her to score high marks.

 Bachcha Rai, the former director of VR College, was arrested and is apparently in jail.


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